Stake Hedera HBAR and earn crypto rewards without losing control of your assets

Club Yamgo’s innovative Lite-Staking™ program allows you to earn crypto & NFT rewards while keeping your HBAR in your account.

Introducing Lite-Staking™

Lite-Staking™ enables you to earn staking rewards from your HBAR without having to lock-up or lose control of your HBAR. Your HBAR is always yours and always stay in your control.

Crypto Lite-Staking™ allows HBAR owners to increase their assets without losing control of their HBAR.

Get Token and NFT rewards just for holding HBAR in your account

Increase your crypto assets and join a community of experts, developers, influencers and enthusiasts who are working to grow the ecosystem


Earn Staking rewards without losing of control of your HBAR


Become a Member of a very exclusive club


Early access to the launch of Yammies and new tokens


Regular YAMGO token & Yammiverse NFT rewards


Network with top Hedera community members


Access to Club Yamgo online hangouts


Priority customer support

How does staking with Club Yamgo™ work?

Earning Lite-staking™ rewards is simple. Log-in, Click the “Club Yamgo” button in the Yamgo dashboard, and follow the steps to join the Club.

The more HBAR you hold in your wallet the greater your daily rewards will be. There is no lockup period and you can move your HBAR whenever you want*

Club Yamgo rewards are even paid daily, directly into your account.

*If your HBAR balance falls below the HBAR minimum you will no longer receive rewards. Removing HBAR from your account will also reduce your potential 120-Day loyalty rewards.

What rewards can I earn with Yamgo

From daily staking rewards to HBAR Boost, Yamgo offers a range of ways for cryptocurrency enthusiasts to earn passive and active income.

Yamgo Boost

Claim a daily HBAR reward based on the amount of HBAR in your account.

Fixed Daily Staking reward

A daily YAMGO utility token reward based on the amount of HBAR in your Account (equivalent to 0.035% per day).

Daily Pool Reward

Gain a portion of the daily pool of YAMGO utility token that is shared among all Club Members.

Club Yamgo Referrals

You get a 2.5% bonus based on the fixed daily reward of somebody you refer as a member of Club Yamgo. The more HBAR they stake the higher your 2.5% bonus will be worth.

Club Yamgo Joining Bonus

You get the equivalent of 0.2% of your HBAR balance back in YAMGO token after joining Club Yamgo.

Loyalty Rewards

Earn NFTs when you hold HBAR in your account for more than 120 days.

Yamgo Referrals

Earn ongoing HBAR rewards when you refer people to sign up for a Yamgo account.

HBAR Offer Rewards

Earn HBAR for completing offers such as playing games, downloading apps, online shopping and more.

Hedera Native Staking

Enable Native Staking on your account to earn additional HBAR rewards directly nodes on Hedera (up to 6.5%). Your rewards are automatically triggered when you claim your daily boost, allow the growth to compound daily.

Watch, Learn & Earn

Earn Cryptocurrency for watching short videos about different crypto products and services.

Is Club Yamgo™ safe to use?

Yamgo (and Club Yamgo™) operate a “Self-Custody” policy. This means that Yamgo never knows or stores your private keys anywhere and cannot access your crypto at all. This helps protect you and gives you the choice on when and if you want to use your private keys.

With Yamgo self-custody you maintain control over your assets on the Hedera network.

Your Keys. Your Crypto.

How do I join Club Yamgo™ ?


Register for a Yamgo account


Hold a minimum of 1000 HBAR in your account


Associate YAMGO token with your account


Enter your “Club Yamgo” referral code

Yamgo makes earning crypto simple

Join Yamgo today and create your secure Hedera wallet to leverage crypto staking, yield farming, cashback and rewarded activity.

Make your crypto work for you

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