Enroll your account in Native Staking and earn an extra 6.5% annual rewards rate* in HBAR rewards

Earn HBAR directly from the Hedera network by proxy-staking your HBAR to a node.

*Native Staking Rewards are capped at 6.5% Annually however the rate will change day to day depending on network conditions and the node you are staked to. Native Staking Rewards are paid directly from the Hedera network.

What is Native Staking?

Hedera operates a consensus mechanism known as Proof-of-Stake.

In a Proof-of-Stake network, the information on the ledger is verified by different nodes. These nodes are computers on the Hedera network that work together to agree transactions on the network and create a single source of truth on the ledger.

Why should I stake HBAR to a node?



Every node on the Hedera network has a distinct level of trust and influence on the consensus process. In order for a node to gain trust users are required to stake their currency to the node, the more HBAR staked to a particular node the more that node is trusted.



Staking helps to secure the network, as newer nodes on the network will not be able to quickly gain influence over the network without the support of a significant amount of HBAR, thus protecting against potential attacks.



In exchange for staking their HBAR to a node users are given a share of the fees generated through that node.

Who operates the nodes?

The Hedera network nodes are currently all operated by members of the Hedera Governing Council, with each node having an equal stake and thus an equal amount of trust in the consensus mechanism.

Through Native Staking users will have the ability to stake their HBAR to a node they trust and give different nodes varying levels of trust on the network.

Earn rewards on the HBAR in your wallet

Native Staking is a way for you to earn more HBAR by leveraging the HBAR that is already in your account.

When using native staking there is no lock-up period, no slashing or bonding – your HBAR remains yours, in your account and only you will have access to your HBAR.

How do I enable Native Staking?

Enabling Native Staking on Hedera is fast and easy. All you need is a Yamgo account and any amount of HBAR, which you can earn right here on Yamgo.

Head to the Yamgo dashboard, navigate to the network page, select “Stake to a Node” and follow the instructions on the page.

How do I claim native-staking rewards?


Staking Reward Triggers

The HBAR rewards from native-staking accrue every 24 hours and are automatically paid into your account when you make an account update, such as making or receiving a payment, associating a token or other such updates.


Yamgo Daily Boost Reward

Yamgo makes it easy for you to claim native staking rewards by bundling it in with your daily boost reward. Simply log in to your Yamgo dashboard and click the button to claim your daily boost and staking rewards.

The best part? The HBAR you receive from Yamgo Boost and Staking is automatically staked, meaning the next day’s rewards might be even bigger!

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