Welcome to the Yammieverse

A next-generation metaverse ecosystem that merges brands and consumers with rewards, gaming, NFTs and advertising.

What is the Yammieverse?

Yamgo is building a social metaverse of games, products and services where people can generate income from gaming, staking, digital content consumption and microwork.

Yammies: A Play-to-earn NFT gaming experience.

At the core of our metaverse is Yammies, an NFT-based idle strategy game where players battle, collect resources, manage their economy and grow their squad in order to earn rewards and climb the leaderboards.

Yammies is structured as an open-ended digital universe and trading card/battle game in a meta world with limited, diminishing resources.

Meet the Yammies

Yammies are the central characters of the Yammiverse. They are ant-like creatures that inhabit the world of Colonysia.

Each Yammie is comprised of a unique piece of NFT artwork that is linked to an in-game “trading card” that records the stats and progression of a Yammie.

This unique approach to NFTs gives more opportunities for users to increase the value of their Yammies as they will have an artistic/visual rarity and an in-game statistical rarity.

What are Colonysia Land NFTs?

The Game world, Colonysia, is divided into tokenized plots of land which act as homes, bases of operation and a resource generating assets for Yammies, depending on the type of land. Each plot of land is represented as a non-fungible token and can be freely traded by players within the Yammies marketplace.

Each Land type in the genesis series has one of six distinct biomes which yield different in game resources.

Core Gameplay & Features


  • task_alt Collect Yammies
  • task_alt Level them up in battle to increase their stats and improve their abilities
  • task_alt Merge Yammies to randomly create more powerful Yammies


  • task_alt Mine land and harvest for Resources
  • task_alt Earn rewards from players moving over your land
  • task_alt The more land you have the more Battles you can take part in.


  • task_alt Trade Yammies, land and resources via in-game marketplace

Raiding / Battling

  • task_alt Raid other players land to try and win resources\crafting materials
  • task_alt Joining guilds, building communities and sharing resources

Yammies is a GameFi experience that allows you to play passively for a few minutes a day or to binge play for hours at a time

Gameplay focused P2E gaming with deflationary economics

There are several ways for players to earn from the Yammieverse NFTs player economy:


Training Yammies in battle to level them up and increase their value


Merging Yammies to increase their value and scarcity


Strategically buying and selling rare/valuable located land


Harvesting in-game resources from your land and selling it via the marketplace


Earning rewards for in-game special events and community goals


Earning Daily and Weekly League/Ranking bonuses from the community chest


Earn passive income from Guild Membership

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